VGP PVHT 2106: Our new single-axis solar tracker

VGP PVHT 2106 is our new solar tracker. It is a single-axis tracker that will allow you to increase the performance of your installation up to 30% compared with fixed installation.


Each tracker includes 108 REC 315PE72 PV modules reaching a total of 34 kWp. Also available with 72 cells CSun modules. You can also get the tracker without modules and we can adapt the design to other brands you chose.

Its continuous tracking system is based on a brushless stepper motor and enables accurate movements, a reliable and low power consumption and a minimal maintenance.

This system features advanced technology that adapts to your needs and it is available with or without inverter according to the type of you PV installation.

VGP PVHT 2106 with integrated inverter

In this case our VGP PVHT 2106 tracker integrates an ABB PRO 33 three-phase inverter, which is an ideal option for those photovoltaic installation below 500 kWp.

With this solution you can avoid using string monitoring boxes as the included inverter features an individual string monitoring, which facilitates installation and simplifies monitoring and maintenance.

VGP PVHT 2106 with no inverter

On the other hand, we also introduce the option of getting the full tracker system without inverter, which is a highly recommended alternative for photovoltaic plants above 500 kWp.

Thanks to our design, tracking electronics and motor can be fed with direct current and thus by the energy generated by the PV modules, connecting to one of the PV strings. With this possibility, we offer you the advantage of avoiding the need to connect the tracker to the AC grid.

Increase of energy production 

The fact of being a single-axis tracker allows to reduce costs and to increase the energy production thanks to its east-west movement.

In addition, our exclusive design allows to increase the number of modules installed, incrementing the output density of the system and thus further improving the profitability of your PV project.

With VGP PVHT 2106 we bring you the solution for building large, reliable, profitable and highly efficient solar farms.

You can find al the technical data in its datasheet

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