PVFfix design is an assembly system that allows mounting standard photovoltaic panels with 60 cells on flat roofs without seeping through waterproofing layer. Due to its self-supporting structure, PVFix system protects the casing while constitutes a mechanical support for modules. Its aerodynamic profile minimizes the need for using ballast.

PVFix mounting structure is composed of galvanized sheet steel elements joined together by self-drilling screws, allowing quick and simple installation without requiring special tools.

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Galvanized thickness is 20 microns, which confers protection against corrosion of up to 25 years in rural hinterlands. There is the option of using sheets with 40 micron galvanized.

The system is based on a channel shape piece which is used as a support structural element while as a mechanical connection. The modules are anchored to the back and front of these channels by stainless steel fittings they are bolted to the aluminum frame module.

Channels can join together by flanges and the sides of each row are closed by triangular pieces. These channels can be filled with gravel, concrete blocks, paving stones or similar weights, depending on cover characteristics.

This system is particularly suitable for inverted roofs, where firstly it is recommended to away the gravel in order to place the channels directly supported on the insulating layer and then to pour gravel on such channels. Thus the need to add ballast is avoided and the structure is fully integrated.

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As all components are metal, frameworks modules and structure are equipotentially joined, making ground connection easier

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Technical Data
Cover orientation 0-5 grades
Tilting modules 10 grades
Mounting system weight 3,8 kg/m2
Total load on cover 12 kg/m2






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