PVAST 098 is a fully integrated 9,8 m2 aperture photovoltaic tracker, including 6 REC 265PE modules, with a total of 1,59 kWp of power.

This unique design can arrive at its destination as a single unit ready to be used. Previously, the product is assembled at decentralized facilities so it can be transported and installed as a single unit. This is possible thanks to a single production process, which has the purpose of optimizing logistics, simplify assembly and reduce the installation and commissioning costs and.

 Main Characteristics

  • Pole mounted tracker using high accuracy actuators and stepper motors. Continuous tracking system for increased reliability and reduced consumption.
  • Advanced ICPVS tracking technology: Horizontal internal fixed tube and maintenance free polymer bearings. Possibility of aerial electrical connection.
  • Can be installed by driving pole into the ground. Very cheap process for large installations, as it is done using automated equipment. Low environmental impact as can be dismantled using the same machines. Very efficient and cheap to install in multi MW solar farms.
  • For small installations concrete foundations can also be used.
  • Can be easily installed on top of flat rooftops.


Solar aperture 9,8 m2
PV cells 156 mm square, poly-crystalline
Cells per module 60
Modules per system 6
Elevation span 0/90 degrees
Azimuth span 0/360 degrees







Isc 9,08 A 7,30 A
Voc 228,6 V 216,0 V
Impp 8,58 A 6,90 A
Vmpp 185,40 V 176,40 V
FF 76,60% 76,86 %
Pmpp 1.590 W 1.212 W
Efficiency 16,1 % 15,34 %









Width 3.497/3.497 mm
Depth 1.298/2.978 mm
Height 3.162/1.793 mm
Weight 340 kg






Land requirements
Minimum Typical
Footprint 25 m2 40  m2
Power density 60  W/m2 37  W/m2
1 MW plant size 1,66 Ha 2,7 Ha















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