HST 098 is a fully integrated 9,8 m2 reflector surface heliostat, composed of 6 flat facet mirrors supported on aluminium frames. Facets can be canted to several pre-set positions offering the ability to be used as a 6x concentrating heliostat with different focal lengths or as a fully flat general purpose heliostat.

The heliostat is able of completely autonomous tracking based on astronomical calculation and field coordinates, but it can be connected to a field master system for closed-loop operation or calibration purposes, using a RS485 field network. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are also available as an option.

We have designed this product to be assembled at decentralised facilities and then to be transported to the field as a single unit. With this production process you will optimize logistics and will minimize installation and commissioning costs.

heliostato perspectiva

Main characteristics

  • Pole mounted heliostat using high accuracy maintenance free actuators and stepper motors.
  • Continuous tracking system for increased reliability and reduced consumption.
  • Advanced ICPVS tracking technology: horizontal internal fixed tube and maintenance free polymer bearings. Possibility of aerial electrical connection.
  • Can be installed by driving pole into the ground. Very cheap process for large installations, as it is done using automated equipment. Low environmental impact as can be dismantled using the same machines. Very efficient and cheap to install in multi MW CSP plants. For small installations concrete foundations can also be used. Can also be easily installed on top of flat rooftops.


Reflector area 9,8 m2
Facet size 1.665 x 991 mm
Facets per system 6
Elevation span 0/90 degrees
Azimuth span 0/360 degrees
Accuracy 0,05 degrees (0,87 milliradians)
Specular reflectivity 95%









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