FV250AM photovoltaic kit contains everything needed to perform an installation of consumption of 250 W connected to the grid: REC 250PE photovoltaic module, micro-inverter 250 Replus with a 5 meter cable for connection to the grid and a Renusol mounting structure for sloping roman tile roofs over reinforced concrete slabs.


Elements included in the kit

Item Units
Photovoltaic Module: REC 250 PE 1
Inverter: Renesola Replus 250 1
AC 5m Cable: Renesola 1
Lateral bezel RIGHT/LEFT: Renusol VarioSole 2
Lateral Fixer 30-50mm: Renusol VarioSole 4
Fixing screws inverter to base profil: Renusol 2
Concrete stainless steel foof clasp: Renusol 4
SE Profil Base 1050 mm: Renusol VarioSole 2


REC 250PE Specifications

Main Characteristics
60 REC PE multi-crystalline
3 strings of 20 cells with bypass diodes Glass: 3.2 mm solar glass with anti-reflection surface treatment
Double layer highly resistant polyester
Anodized aluminum (silver) frame
4 mm² solar cable, 0.9 m + 1.2 m
Multi-Contact MC4 (4 mm²) Connectors
Nominal Power – PMAX (Wp) 250 Wp
Watt Class Sorting (W) 0/+5
Nominal Power Voltage – VMPP (V) 30.2
Nominal Power Current  – IMPP (A) 8.3
Open Circuit Voltage  – VOC (V) 37.4
Short Circuit Current – IS (A) 8.86
Cell Temperature (NOCT) 47.9 °C
Temperatura coefficient of PMPP -0.43 %/°C
Temperature coefficient of VOC -0.33 %/ °C
Temperature coefficient of ISC 0.074 %/ °C
Operational temperature -40 … +80°C
Maximum peak 551 kg/m2 (5400 Pa)
Maximum wind load 197 km/h
Max series fuse rating 15A
Max reverse current 15A
Dimensions 1665 x 991 x 38 mm
Area 1.65 m2
Weight 18 kg



Renesola Replus 250 Specifications

Input (DC)
Recommended PV-Generator Power 250 Wp
Max DC Voltage (V) 60
MPPT DC Voltage Rang (V) 30.2
Màx. DC Current (A): 14
Max. Units per Branch Circuit 13
Over/Under Voltage Protection Yes
Anti-islanding Protection Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Deverse DC Polarity Protection Yes
Overload Protection Yes










Peak Efficiency 96.3%
CEC Efficiency 95.0%
MPPT Efficiency 99.5%




Output (AC)
Nominal AC Power (W): 220
AC Max. Cont Output Current  (A): 1.1
Nominal AC Voltage (V): 230
Nominal AC Range (V): 200 ~ 270
AC/ Power Frequency (Hz): 50
AC/Power Rang (Hz): 45.5 ~ 54.5
Power Fact (cosφ): >0.99 (full load)









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