Who We Are


Valldoreix Greenpower is a company that was born by and for renewable energies. Our main goal is to fully leverage its potential and to supply the needed resources to companies and individuals so as to achieve an energy revolution.

In order to reach our purpose we have specialized in different fields of industry and we have developed multiple profiles. We are currently distributors of photovoltaic products; we offer engineering and consulting services; and we invest in R & D and in design of new products. We also have an online shop with a wide variety of products to provide society with clean energy.

We firmly believe in the possibility of a world without fossil fuels, in a clean, sustainable and ecological planet based on clever alternatives. Therefore, our mission is to generate renewable energy and to work to build a better world.

Solar technology experts

We have years of experience during which we have focused on solar energy. We know the power of the sun, and throughout our history we have learned to work it and to take advantage of the great opportunities it offers. Furthermore, the sun has been the source of inspiration for designing new products. Specialized in CPV, we have developed a unique technology, an exclusive system capable of revolutionizing the concentration sector: our CPVRS.

A constantly expanding company

Renewable energies are not the future but the present. They are a reality, a game in which all countries of the world want and need come into play. Therefore, we are a growing company, which over the years has been emerging on the international market.

Our team

Valldoreix Greenpower has a team of highly skilled engineers who work under accountability, professionalism, quality and efficiency values. They are experts in renewable energies and each of them is specialized in a field. With different kind of profiles, we are able to provide a comprehensive and complete view of the industry, and we really can offer the best of services.