Refocusing our Finance Round

We would like to inform you our crowdfunding campaign, started last April 15, has had to be canceled before its scheduled closing date. The campaing, conducted by Mynbest, has not achieved the expected results (15% of the target with just two weeks remaining) and we have decided to cancel it to be able to find finance through other ways.

Investors And The Crowdfunding

The fact is, many investors A Class which we have started negotiations with, have been reluctant to invest in a crowdfudning round.

We have arrived to the conclusion that carrying the crowdfunding label has not benefited us as we initially thought, it has even been negative. The reality is A Class investors prefer to have their own partner agreements and their own assessments, and do not like the idea of being limited by the terms of a crowdfunding agreement.

Our Finance Round Keeps On Going

Our goal is to continue the finance round (from now on without crowdfunding) to focus on A Class investors. We will continue with negotiations and we hope to reach our aim of 400K € to be able to industrialize our exclusive CPVRS system.

We would thank you very much all those investors who participated in the crowdfunding campaign for their trust in our project and in our company. We also would thank Mynbest for their work and dedication.

In case you would like to participate in this new finance round, please do not hesitate to contact us. The conditions and shares remain the same, you can find them in here.