Our Business Plan 2015-2020 Presentation

Yesterday afternoon we introduced our Business Plan 2015-2020 on the occasion of the capital increasing we are now carrying out through a Crowdfunding Campaign with Mynbest. The event took place at the NH Podium Hotel, in Barcelona, and was attended by several potential investors.

Ricard Pardell, CEO of the company, led the presentation in which also took part other team members as Eric Martinez, mechanical engineer and Daniel Bernal, electronics engineer, who said that “living the evolution and the growth of the company since the beginning, has been for them a very rewarding and enriching personal and professional experience”.

After that, Iíñgo Muñoz, CEO of Mynbest, also took place to describe the crowdfunding campaign, its methodology and all the benefits you can get with it.

At the meeting Ricard Pardell, not only exposed the company’s Business Plan, but he also transmitted his experience and professionalism. The CEO of the company holds a wide trajectory in the solar energy field with over 10 years of experience. In 2010, he sold his previous enterprise to Abengoa which meant a 10x exit for the investors who trusted him.

That is exactly what we expect from this new funding round; that new investors can get high yields with our exclusive technology while we can increase the manufacturing and commercialization capacity of our VGP product range, and keep on growing.


Ricard Pardell, CEO of Valldoreix Greenpower


Eric Martínez and Daniel Bernal

Characteristics of the crowdfunding campaign
  • Company valuation: 3,75 M€
  • Capital increasing: 400.000€
  • Company shares: 10,65%

Two classes of shares will be issued:

Class A shares require a minimum investment of 40K euros, and have full voting rights.

Class B shares starting at 500 euros. Without voting rights but with all the benefits of being a shareholder.

Company forecast for 2020
  • CPVRS sales: 80 M€
  • Total sales: 119M€
  • EBITDA: 13,8 M€