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Our photovoltaic concentration system and its production process

We introduce our innovative production process for the CPVRS system.

The CPVRS system is a photovoltaic concentration system that reaches a 30% DC system efficiency. Its production is based on a distributed manufacturing paradigm. In other words, systems assembly is carried out in the country where it will be installed by a local partner.

Becoming a partner is so easy. You don’t need a large infrastructure neither experience in the production of PV system, you will be responsible for the following activities.

  • Commercialize the product locally.
  • Assemble CPVRS systems at your facilities.
  • Install CPVRS systems on the field.

In the video below you will view our production process, which represents an innovation for solar energy systems.


EGYMEC, Our New Egypcian Partner



We have concluded an agreement with EGYMEC, with which CPVRS project will be fully developed.

Coming soon we will apply our exclusive production process, through which we will send product parts in kits so that they can be assembled at our Egyptian partner facilities. Once assembled, EGYMEC will be in charge of shipping and installing CPVRS system on the field as well as commercialize it locally.

Vision and Mission of EGYMEC

Egymec is committed to creating smart technologies with a diversity of multinational professionals to provide high quality products, service and equipment with financial solutions to help their clients to own their power.

OWN your POWER slogan signifies its vision to empower their client with the highest qualifications and the best choices in order to revolutionize for clean energy to protect the climate change with no more power cuts.

We share EGYMEC point of view and vision, and that's one of the reasons we wanted to deal with them. We hope that by working together we can help the company to achieve their goals.

EGYMEC company

EGYMEC is an oil field services company. It’s an agent for Drillmec SPA (one of the three biggest land rigs manufacturer in the world) and Allied international group (energy and oil field equipment supplies manufacturer) in Egypt. The company is one of Subsidiaries Companies of El-Didi Group. Eng. Abd El Fattah El Didi PhD is the current Chairman and CEO of ELDIDI Group. Recently EGYMEC have established a new division of solar energy, as an Agent or representing of the most reputable and experienced solar energy providers in the global market.

EGYMEC being one of the leading solar technologies in the area that covers all solar application sectors with its value added partners, supported by highly qualified team and consultant offices (local & international).



VGP PVAST and its continuous tracking system

seguidor solar vgp

VGP PVAST trackers integrate into a single unit REC solar PV modules with our advanced ICPVS technology .
Our trackers use stepper motors and maintenance-free mechanical actuators. And they use a continuous tracking system instead of the usual incremental stop and go method. This increases the lifetime of the components and prevents oscillations.
Our ICPVS advanced technology allow assembling the product at decentralized facilities and then shipping it to the field as a single unit, optimizing logistics and minimizing installation and commissioning costs. Besides they are transportable, so they are the best option for provisional photovoltaic installations, allowing low cost relocation. 

Main Characteristics  

-  Pole mounted tracker using high accuracy actuators and stepper motors. Continuous tracking system for increased reliability and reduced consumption.

-  Advanced ICPVS tracking technology: horizontal internal fixed tube and maintenance free polymer bearings. Possibility of aerial electrical connection.

-  Can be installed by driving pole into the ground. Very cheap process for large installations, as it is done using automated equipment. Low environmental impact as can be dismantled using the same machines. Very efficient and cheap to install in multi MW solar farms.

-  For small installations concrete foundations can also be used.

-  Can be easily installed on top of flat rooftops.


Our full range of PV trackers integrate our advanced technology, which together with REC modules, make them a robust and long lasting product with a high quality and reliable power output. 


pv6 entrada

Solar Aperture 9,8 m
Modules per system 6 REC 265PE
Power 1,59 kWp
Elevation span  0/90 degrees
Azimuth span 0/360 degrees

From 2.078,21€

1,31 €/Wp. REC Modules included in the price.



pv12 entrada

Solar Aperture 19,6 m
Modules per system 12 REC 265PE
Power 3,18 kWp
Elevation span  0/90 degrees
Azimuth span 0/360 degrees

From 3.875,04 € 

1,22 €/Wp. REC modules included in the price.   



pv20 entrada

Solar Aperture 32,7  m
Modules per system 20 REC 265PE
Power 5,3 kWp
Elevation span  0/90 degrees
Azimuth span 0/360 degrees

From 5.522,32 € 

1,04 €/Wp. REC modules included in the price.




Valldoreix Greenpower welcomes students from Universitat Pompeu Fabra on its test field during “Rubí Brilla for World Energy Day”.

  • Valldoreix Greenpower has taken part in the activities dedicated to the Wold Energy Day opening the doors to its test field.
  • Mayoress of Rubí, Carme Garcia, joined the visit of the photovoltaic company.

Yesterday, seven college students from Universitat Pompeu Fabra studying Public and Social Policies, together with Mayoress of Rubí, Carme Garcia, visited the place where the company Valldoreix Greenpower is testing CPVRS: its new CPV system. Ricard Pardell, CEO of the company, received them to show the system operation and to expose them all its advantages.

The tour was part of the activities of World Energy Day, an event dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energies. For two days, several activities were developed to study and propose changes in energy models: conferences, lectures and the “Fair for entities and associations promoting renewable energy and responsible consumption” for experts and enterprises; and documentaries, workshops and children’s activities for citizenship.

CPVRS system presentation has been an interesting contribution to the event, as it is a highly efficient technology and a new business model which offers great benefits both for society and environment.

CPVRS system obtains a 30% efficiency, thus doubling the traditional photovoltaic models efficiency. This technology has been fully developed in Catalonia and Valldoreix Greenpower has four own patents that protect it internationally.

In addition to its high efficiency, CPVRS technology developed by Valldoreix Greenpower enables a new business model that optimizes logistics, greatly enhancing the growth potential of the Catalan company. The system is designed to be assembled at decentralized facilities, relying both to industrial and commercial level on working together with local partners in the various target countries for this new product.

The potential of the company approached both the organizers of the event and the Mayoress of Ruby. During the visit, Ricard Pardell explained to the visitors the CPVRS system operation and also showed them the great advantages over traditional PV systems, highlighting the possibility to assemble the system in the destination countries, thus creating skilled jobs in those countries.

After the talk, took place an interesting debate which involved both students and the major and where they could talk about political and social issues related to energy and where everyone could expose his personal opinion.

The Mayoress of Ruby, Carme Garcia stated that “we have to be positive about renewable energy and to have hope, they are the future”. Meanwhile, Ricard Pardell, said there is still a long road ahead.


Ricard Pardell, CEO of Valldoreix Greenpower


Students at Test Field


Crowdfunding Campaign


In the next weeks we are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign which will allow us to increase the manufacturing and commercialization capacity for our new range of VGP products.

Our company valuation is 4 million euros and our objective is to raise 400K euros for a 10% of company shares in order to help us develop our business plan, basically focused on increasing the manufacturing capacity of CPVRS systems, product certification and to execute a marketing launch campaign including our presence in the most important industry fairs and conferences.

Two classes of shares will be issued:

  • Class A shares require a minimum investment of 50K euros, and have full voting rights.
  • Class B shares starting at 500 euros. Without voting rights but with all the benefits of being a shareholder.

In the following weeks we will be providing more details on this equity crowdfunding process, please fill in this form in case you want to keep informed about it.