Our Business Plan Presentation at Global Keiretsu Forum

Yesterday, we attended the Keiretsu Global Forum to present our  Business Plan 2015-2020, on the occasion of a finance round we have started. Days earlier, in a journey to select companies, the jury chose our innovative project between other 30 proposals. Borsa de Barcelona (Market Stock) was the place where private equity investors discovered possible projects to invest in.

After the exposition of 8 companies, there was a time and space for networking, ideal occasion for exchanging ideas and make contacts.

Our finance round remains open. The goal is raising 400 K € with which we hope to increase the production and manufacturing capacity of our exclusive CPVRS system.

Ricard Pardell used his presentation to present our business plan and also to show his professionalism and experience. His extensive background includes over 10 years of experience in solar energy field. In 2010 he sold his old company Abengoa, which represented a yield of 10% of the initial investment for investors who trusted him.

That is what we expect with this new finance round. To increase VGP production capacity, in order to new investors can get high returns.

Finance Round Information

Financial Forecast for 2020

  • CPVRS sales: 80 M€
  • Total sales: 118 M€
  • EBITDA: 13,8 M€

Financial company data

  • Company valuation: 3,75 million euros
  • Capital increasing: 400K
  • Company shares: 10,65%