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Valldoreix Greenpower is a distributor of photovoltaic products, partnering with several renewable sector leaders, like REC Solar, Power-One, Fronius, Enecsys, Catsun, RenusolMulti-Contact, etc.

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Besides our photovoltaic distribution activity, we also offer consulting and engineering services on solar power systems. Our main expertise is in the development of new solar products (PV, CPV, CSP) and renewable power plants engineering and consultancy.

Our services are based on an experienced and professional team of consultants and engiineers which can help you implement the best renewable energy solutions for your specific needs, location and budget.

Besides our plant development services, we can also help companies in the engineering of innovative renewable energy products. We have developed CPV systems, solar trackers and passive solar solutions, holding several patents.

  • Distribution of renewable energy system components.
  • Development of new products.
  • Promotion and operation assessment for renewable power plants.
  • Technical and business consulting.

We are partners and distributors of REC Solar, one of the biggest photovoltaic modules manufacturers worldwide. REC is a fully integrated company, which uses a proprietary and innovative fluidized bed silicon depuration process that enables them to achieve the shortest energy payback time in the photovoltaic industry.

Development of New Products:

Since 2003 Valldoreix Greenpower has participated in the development of several innovative solar energy products, particularly CPV (concentration photovoltaics) and solar tracking systems, having developed products for several companies.

We also have developed portable autonomous hybrid systems (photovoltaic-wind-diesel using backup batteries) and solar passive devices.

Plant Development and Operation:

Valldoreix Greenpower participates as promoters, partners and consultants for several renewable energy power plant development and operation projects.

Consulting Services:

Main services Valldoreix
Greenpower can offer:
  • Renewable energy building integration: photovoltaic systems, solar thermal and passive solar devices.
  • Economic feasibility studies for solar power plants based on several technologies (CPV, PV and CSP)
  • System component selection services (technical assessment and RFP management) for large solar power development projects.
  • Project engineering, permitting and execution controlling management
  • Environmental impact studies.
For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.